Quantcast Figure 2.6. Fuel Flow Divider.

Figure 2.6. Fuel Flow Divider.
Figure 2.7. Air Shroud.
A word of caution;
extreme care must be taken when
cleaning or handling the nozzles,
since even the acid on the
fingers may corrode and produce a
spray pattern which is out of
c.  Vaporizing
Engines such as the Lycoming T53­
L­11 use vaporizing tubes instead
of injector nozzles.   The
vaporizing tube is a T­shaped,
ceramic­coated pipe, whose exit
faces upstream to the airflow.
Figure 2.8 shows a vaporizing
tube that is used on the T53­L­
Gas turbine engines may
have several fuel filters
installed at various points
throughout the systems, one fuel
filter before the fuel pump and
one on the high­pressure side
Figure 2.8. Vaporizing Tube.
after the pump. In most cases
the filter includes a relief
valve set to open at a specified differential pressure (PSID) between
inlet and outlet pressure. This gives the fuel a bypass if the
filter becomes clogged from contamination.


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