Quantcast Figure 1-8. Empennage Construction.

components  are  usually  of  all-metal  construction  and  cantilever
design.  Both monospar and multispar construction are commonly used.
Ribs develop  the  cross-sectional  shape,  and  fairings  are  used  to
streamline  angles  between  these  surfaces  and  the  fuselage.
vertical stabilizer, in addition to being the base for attaching the
rudder, assists in maintaining the airplane's directional stability
in flight.  On propeller-driven airplanes, the vertical stabilizer is
sometimes offset from the centerline to compensate for the torque
developed by the engine and propeller.
The horizontal stabilizer
helps to maintain stability about the airplane's lateral axis, and it
is  the  base  for  attaching  the  elevators.
As  with  wings,  many
variations  in  size,  shape,  and  placement,  as  well  as  number  of
components, are used by manufacturers in making an empennage.
Figure 1-8.
Empennage Construction.


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